The Political Elite And Their Pedophile Problem

Why are so many pedophiles, traffickers and child pornographers surrounding politicians and their supporters? Why is this issue continuously swept under the rug as if it isn’t the enormous problem it is? Do we care about children enough to confront this? Why, in the wake of the UK Pedogate scandals over the last few years, do we refuse to consider this problem, as systemic in the US?

Jacob Schwartz, President of the Manhattan Young Democrats and the downstate region Vice President of the New York State Young Democrats, a staffer for New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio and regional field organizer for the President Obama Re-election campaign. He has featured above with Bobby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager. Schwartz was charged with having more than 3,000 images and approximately 89 videos on a laptop: young nude females between the approximate ages of 6 months and 16 being raped by adult men. May 26

Jeff Sandusky, son of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky, the now-infamous assistant-football coach at Penn State. Jerry Sandusky was accused of being involved in an organized criminal pedophile ring. He founded Second Mile Foundation for Children, which is how he gained access to vulnerable, at-risk kids. Hillary’s brother played ball for Joe Paterno at Penn State, and her father has a scholarship in his name there-while Jerry Sandusky was raping boys and getting access to vulnerable children through Second Mile Foundation.

Bill Clinton’s White House Counsel was retained by Penn State at the time of the original criminal prosecution against Jerry Sandusky. Hillary Clinton’s Family Legacy at Penn State is profound. Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother, played football at Penn State for Joe Paterno, who was fired during the scandal. Clinton’s father’s scholarship, The Hugh E. Rodham Memorial Scholarship in the School of Education is still active. Hillary Clinton spoke about it at the time of the scandal. Even still-Bill Clinton’s Special White House Counsel, Lanny Davis was brought aboard to manage the scandal. In the case of his son, Jeff Sandusky’s lawyer is Lance Marshal, the disgraced former prosecutor who stepped down after he was involved in a Federal lawsuit where it was proven he attempted to coerce a domestic violence abuse victim into sex in exchange for legal services. Feb 13

-European Adoption Consultants, adoption agency raided. The report focuses on charges of bribery, but the page of “and other charges” includes 22 CFR 96.44(a) & 96.46(a) “… they did not engage in practices consistent with the principles of furthering the best interests of the child and preventing the sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children”. European Adoption Consultants was listed on the State Department’s website as an approved Adoption Service Provider for Haiti, by Hillary Clinton. Jan 13

Laura Silsby, convicted of child trafficking in Haiti, is now Laura Gayler at AlertSense which deals with abducted children and FEMA (disaster) alerts. Child trafficking through adoption and child rescue/disaster rescue is a severe issue, made clear in the Harvard Human Rights Journal, written about convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby and the case of New Life Children’s Refuge.

Silsby’s lawyer in Haiti, Jorge Torres Puello, was himself charged with child trafficking.

Bill Clinton brokered Silsby’s release from jail in Haiti after Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton emailed about it. Published by WikiLeaks.Laura Silsby who now goes by Laura Gayler is currently the Vice President of Marketing at Alert Sense, which manages the technology used for Amber Alerts (child abduction), The Emergency Alert System, and FEMA Disaster Management Alert System. Feb 15

Would a convicted child trafficker who did jail time for kidnapping and trafficking children work for Amber Alerts without the Clintons intervention? Bill Clinton was even disbarred for lying about womanizing Monica Lewinsky.

2772 2010-05-12 10:35 (AP) HAITI PROSECUTORS URGE PRISON FOR US MISSIONARY Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton
3465 2010-02-17 13:54 STATEMENT FOR “AFTER” FLIGHT GOES WHEELS UP Cheryl Mills Hillary Clinton
3741 2001-01-01 03:00 NEW LIFE CHILDREN’S REFUGE (NLCR)
25620 2010-04-25 11:19 HAITI DROPS KIDNAPPING CHARGE FOR MISSIONARIES Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton

As far as I can tell, Democrats refuse to deal with these epidemics, other than to create hashtags or to defend and protect the pedophiles and rapists in their orbit.

Bill Clinton has raped women. Harvey Weinstein has raped many women. Anthony Weiner is in jail for pedophilia, Jeff Epstein was in jail for rape and pedophilia/registered sex offender, Hillary Clinton attacks women who accuse her husband of rape. In her life as a lawyer has defended a violent pedophile, but never a female rape victim or a child rape victim-not even once.

Hillary Clinton presided over a child sex scandal as her State Department overlooked Diplomats raping child “prostitutes” while on duty in America and abroad. A recent article has Sec of State Clinton refusing to fire a sexual harasser, keeping him in power, over the protests of his victims, women who worked for Hillary. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was warned not to work with Harvey Weinstein because he’s a rapist, which they ignored. De Blasio administration employee, Jacob Schwartz, was arrested with over 3,000 images of child porn, specifically infant porn, which is specifically-men raping 6-month-old infants….He’s close friends with Robby Mook- Clinton’s head campaign strategist, and John Podesta, her campaign manager who is also accused of being a pedophile. I have never seen a single attempt by the Clinton’s to address (other than as an aside or to answer a direct question they can’t avoid) any kind of rape, child rape, child trafficking, or pedophilia, nor have I seen them enact any form of action on this topic.

In fact, in 2015, US Soldiers were told to ignore all child sex rape and sex abuse, including that of a young boy who was reportedly chained to a bed and kept as a sex slave. As far as I can see, The Clinton’s are fine with womanizing, rape, pedophilia, sexual harassment, child trafficking and slandering Bill’s female victims.

Within the first 3–4 months of Trump’s Presidency, arrests for child sex trafficking and pedophilia surpassed Obama’s last term. There are, in fact, so many write-ups about this online, that liberal media, incapable of dealing with this fact-simply call it a “conspiracy theory” rather than actually take the time to look at the numbers. Why anyone would want to dismiss huge amounts of pedophile sex rings being taken down, and child-trafficking arrests is beyond my understanding. I want to address and end rape, child rape, human trafficking/sex trafficking and any kind of child abuse, full stop. Further, I am compelled to support anyone and anything that does.

Madeleine McCann Abduction Investigation receives extended funding with a “new lead” on a suspect. Madeleine McCann’s abduction from Praia da Luz, Portugal made worldwide headlines in May 2007. When the McCann’s became persons of interest, their PR Agent stepped down from the case, and Clarence Mitchell, stepped away from his position as Director of the Media Monitoring Unit at the British Government’s Central Office of Information, to represent the McCanns. He also signed on to work for Freud Communications, run by Sir Clement Freud’s son, Matthew Freud. March 12-June 12

Sir Clement Freud invited the McCann’s to dinner in Portugal, 2 months after the abduction. His villa was situated 1/3 of a mile away from where Maddy was abducted. Once Sir Clement Freud was posthumously exposed as a long-time serial child predator who’d also had unusual contact with the McCann’s, police turned their attention towards him. When it was determined he was not in the country at the time of the abduction, online researchers began looking at everyone connected to Sir Clement Freud.

Sir Clement Freud’s son, Matthew Freud, is the great-grandson of “father” of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and is doubly related to the “father” of public relations, Edward Bernays. A former BBC Journalist, Matthew Freud was married to media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, Elisabeth Murdoch. Mathew, again, being Chairman of Freud’s Communications.

Freud Communication’s Sara Latham- who moved on when the McCann’s spokesman joined Freud’s- went on to be a consultant to the Clinton Foundation, White House Staff to Bill Clinton, a communications advisor for Tony Blair, was appointed to Obama’s transition team in 2008, became Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton, and most recently in the 2016 Presidential Election, was John Podesta’s Chief of Staff.

Given the overwhelming amount of connections between these people, is it really so far-fetched to consider this a problem which is not isolated? Don’t we care about enough about the children to try a little harder to figure out what exactly the problem is?


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