Cardinal Bernard Law, Central Figure In Boston Child Abuse Coverup, Found Dead

Vatican will pay for his funeral and celebrate his life
Cardinal Bernard Law, the former Boston Archbishop who was the central figure in the Catholic church’s child abuse and sex scandal, has been found dead The Vatican has confirmed.
Law died in Rome at age 86, after serving as a archpriest of the Papal Liberian Basilica of St. Mary Major following his disgraced resignation as archbishop of Boston in 2002.
The scandal broke when it the Boston Globe’s Spotlight exposed Law and other Bishops had covered up a huge pedophile ring within the church, also covering for pedophile priests n the Boston Archdiocese.
Law managed to escape charges for his role in covering up the pedophile network within the church parishes. Laws move to the Vatican was seen as a “total miscarriage” of justice by the victims of the church’s sex abuse.
To add insult to injury, The Vatican will now pay for his funeral and will celebrate his life tot he anger of his victims. “Why Law’s life was so celebrated when Boston’s clergy sex abuse survivors suffered so greatly? Why was Law promoted when Boston’s Catholic children were sexually abused, ignored, and pushed aside time and time again?” One victim from the group asked.

CNN reports: In a news conference, Law apologized to victims of abuse by a priest, John Geoghan, who had been moved from parish to parish, despite Law’s knowledge of his abuse of young boys. Law insisted Geoghan’s abuse was in the past.
Geoghan was eventually convicted of indecent assault and battery on a 10-year-old boy. The Spotlight team’s uncovering of widespread child abuse by the Catholic clergy in the Boston Archdiocese won a Pulitzer prize.
The dramatization of the team’s investigation, a 2015 movie also called “Spotlight,” won the 2016 Best Picture Academy Award, bringing the story to a much wider audience.
The Vatican issued a press release early Wednesday confirming the death of Cardinal Bernard Law, with one line reading “Cardinal Bernard Law died early this morning after a long illness.”
Law never faced criminal sanctions for his role in allowing abusive priests to remain in church parishes. The scandal reverberated through the church, exposing similar allegations worldwide that compromised its moral authority and led to years of multimillion-dollar settlements.
To his detractors, his second career at the Vatican was a slap in the face to victims of church sex abuse, one that further undermined the church’s legitimacy. “Survivors of child sexual assault in Boston, who were first betrayed by Law’s cover-up of sex crimes and then doubly betrayed by his subsequent promotion to Rome, were those most hurt,” according to a statement from Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests after his death. “No words can convey the pain these survivors and their loved ones suffered.”

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