Catholic Church Refuses To Create Policy To Fight Pedophilia

Pope Francis as he celebrated Communion last July in Brazil.
The Vatican still hasn’t implemented any policies to protect children
According to Cruxnow: The gap in Francis’ oft-pledged “zero tolerance” for abuse is surprising, given that the Holy See told the United Nations five years ago that it was developing a “safe environment program” for children inside the 44-acre Vatican City. Asked about the promised child protection guidelines, the secretary general of the Vatican City State administration, Monsignor Fernando Vergez, told The Associated Press he couldn’t respond “since the study and verification of the project are still underway.” Yes, Francis in 2013 updated Vatican City’s legal code to criminalize sexual violence against children and just last month the Vatican tribunal convicted a former diplomat of possession and distribution of child pornography. And one could argue that, beyond the new law, a written policy and safe environment program is unnecessary in a city state where only a handful of children live full time.

Read morePope Francis has failed to address the massive pedophilia problem in the Catholic church, only taking measures to address the recent sex abuse scandal in Chile. The Vatican still hasn’t implemented any policies to protect children from pedophile priests or even require suspected abuse to be reported to the police. Seven years after the Vatican ordered all bishops conferences across the globe to develop written guideline to prevent child abuse, help victims and punish pedophiles by keeping them out of the priesthood, the headquarters at the Catholic church has no such policy. Recently, Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of three Chilean bishops all accused of ‘covering up’ for pedophile priest in the 1980s and 1990s, according to BBC reports.

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