Police Raid Catholic Church, Seize Vatican Laptops In Pedophile Ring Bust

Authorities have seized laptops, documents, files, and computers

Prosecutors and police have begun raiding offices of the Catholic Church in the South American nation of Chile as authorities get tough on pedophile priests.
Since the beginning of mid-June, there have now been six raids on the offices belonging to the Catholic Church. Authorities have sized laptops, documents, files, and computers all belonging to The Vatican as part of a massive pedophile ring bust.
According to opindia: The allegations of child sexual abuse in the current investigations date back to as far as 2007. The Chilean authorities are not only attempting to arrest and prosecute the priests who committed the crimes, they are also looking for the involvement of the Church in hushing up and allowing the crimes to continue.
In an interview to Reuters, Arias has informed that the documents seized contain details of as many as 30 different cases of child sexual abuse, which were reported to the church but the church did not report it to the authorities and kept the allegations hushed up.
Arias also states that the Church had even attempted to destroy the documents but the raiding authorities manage to salvage them. Oscar Munoz, the top aide of Chile’s Archbishop Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, has been arrested for sexual crimes against children.

The raids continue as part of an ongoing investigation of child sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests in the nation. Chilean prosecutor Emiliano Arias ordered surprise raids on official church locations which are now being regarded as the most aggressive busts ever undertaken by a judicial authority.

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