Pope Calls Children ‘Precious’ Days After Calling Abuse Victims ‘Wild Dogs’

Pope Francis addressed members of the Parents’ Association (AGE)
In a seemingly patronizing speech, Pope Francis told members of the Parents’ Association (AGE) that “children are the most precious gift you have ever received,” as the Vatican child abuse scandal rages on in the background.
Pope Francis to respond to accusations that he played a role in the cover-up of a Catholic Church pedophile ring, the pontiff finally spoke up on the scandal by referring to the victims of abuse as a “pack of wild dogs.” The Pontiff’s address was centered around the gift of children and how important it is to cooperate with all the other structures and people them in their schooling and upbringing “Dear parents, children are the most precious gift that you have ever received,” Francis said, advising: “Know how to protect them with commitment and generosity, leaving them with the freedom necessary to grow and mature,” in a way that eventually they themselves too ” may be open to life.”
“The attention with which, as an association, you safeguard from the dangers that enter into the lives of the youngest, may it not impede you from looking forward with trust toward the world, knowing how to choose and indicate to your children the best occasions for human, civil and Christian growth.”

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