Priest’s Facebook Message to Child Rape Victim Goes Viral ‘You Deserved It’

Italian priest comes under fire after attacking sex abuse victim on Social media

A Priest in Italy has sparked massive outrage after he told a child rape victim “she deserved it” and it was “her own fault”.

Lorenzo Guidotti, a parish priest in Bologna, was writing to an underage girl who was a victim of sexual assault and rape when he decided to attack her.

According to a local, Guidotti said: “I’m sorry but if you swim in the piranha tank you cannot complain if you lose a limb.”

The young girl had allegedly been raped by a North African man she had met whilst in the city, the Priest said the girl had “allowed it to happen”.

According to the girl, the man attacked her and she was awoken hours later without her clothes.

The priest then said “I’m sorry, but… you get revoltingly drunk… and then who do you go off with? A North African?

“Do you understand that, along with the alcohol, you’ve gulped down the ideological tirade about ‘welcoming everyone’?

“Darling, at this point, waking up semi-naked is the least that could happen to you.”

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