‘We Don’t Investigate Child Abuse,’ Says Vatican’s Child Protection Office

The Vatican’s commission for protecting children has no remit to protect children

The Vatican’s commission for protecting children in the Church has admitted they have no remit to investigate individual allegations of child abuse.
The 9th ordinary plenary assembly of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of children, which was up by Pope Francis in 2014, took place Sep. 7-9. According to a statement from a communique issued on Sunday: “Members began by listening to two testimonies of people who were affected by clerical child sexual abuse, a victim/survivor and the mother of two adult survivors who were abused as children. The Commission thanks them for sharing their stories with us, for the courage of their witness and for contributing to the learning process.”
The statement said they discussed “the recent developments in the global church that have negatively affected so many people including victims/survivors, families and the community of faithful.”
This most likely referred to 301 Catholic “predator priests” that were named for their involvement in a mass pedophile ring in the grand jury’s long-awaited bombshell report into clergy child abuse in six Pennsylvania dioceses. Also, the case of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, who has been at the epicenter of the growing pedophilia scandal within the church, as allegations of the sexual abuse of children continue to plague the Vatican.

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